Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How Quickly things Change!

I was Driving to Church today and it suddenly struck me, the leaves are changing! As I drive to Church two days ago, on Sunday, most of the trees were green.  We have had a very hot and dry Summer and it is now Mid September.  There seemed to be little change in the foliage.  Today!  Voila, there was a beautiful mixture of red, yellow, brown and green.  What a change just two days has made!

I think we can often fall into the trap of thinking that things change slowly in our lives, but the reality is that change often is sudden.  Jesus warns us to continually be prepared because no one knows when the Day of the Lord will come.  My guess is that it will come suddenly when we least expect it.  I doubt that the self-proclaimed prophets will ever get it right.  It will be in the Lord's time and not in ours.

In the mean time, we are here to do whatever we can of the Lord's work.  St. Paul believed that the Day of the Lord would be in his lifetime, but he was wrong.  Even so, he worked tirelessly to spread the Good News of Jesus, the Christ (Messiah) who died and rose again for us. We can do no less than continually work in the Lord's name.  As we work, "Alleluia's" should be our song.

Recently we had our Fall Apple Fair and once again I saw our Parish come together in work and prayer as we reached out to the community and touched the lives of others.  Alleluia!

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